Canyoning Full Day Trip !

Integral Gondo Canyon

215.- CHF / Pers

Canton : Valais
Difficulty : Level 4

Val Lodrino Canyon

240.- CHF / Pers

Canton : Ticino
Difficulty : Level 5

Feschelbach Canyon

200.- CHF / Pers

Canton : Valais
Difficulty : Level 4

Roche Canyon

250.- CHF / Pers

Canton : Vaud
Difficulty : Level 5


Canyoning is a sporting activity that consists of descending small rivers, torrents in a vertical and cashed environment.

It is a sport that combines hiking and climbing in an aquatic environment.

The purpose of canyoning is to descend into the riverbed without using boats unlike rafting or canoeing. These streams deliver their natural and wild beauty during the sensational sport that is canyoning.

Playful and technical at the same time, canyoning will make you discover extraordinarily beautiful wild places. 

Swim in the river, walk in the forest for the approach of access or in the water from the first steps of the descent, jump in the reception ca goings (real natural pools in nature), or slip on the rocks polished by water on real slides. Finally, as if this were not enough, rope techniques are also used for abseiling. 

Switzerland lends itself very well to the practice of Canyoning. There are many canyoning sites and Canyoning Access guides offer all levels of canyoning safely on the most beautiful courses in Switzerland.

Yes, all our activities are supervised by professional guides and experienced in canyoning. The guide introduces you to the activity, assists you with the equipment and then supervises you throughout the duration of the activity by its presence and explanations. Pay attention 😉

  1. Very Easy
  2. Easy
  3. Medium
  4. Hard
  5. Very Hard

The difficulty level is indicated at the beginning of each excursion and it is specified whether an experience in canyoning is required.

Yes, for all our activities, all the technical equipment is provided : harnesses, loins, muskets, neoprene suit and jacket, helmet and shoes. Life jackets only in some canyons.

Each activity is estimated with a minimum age to participate. This indication is adaptable but not underestimated.

More information can be found in the terms and conditions on our website.

To know how to SWIM is obligatory to participate in all the activities we offer except the via ferrata. You must be in good physical condition and not have any contraindications to the practice of whitewater activities. 

More information can be found in the terms and conditions on our website.

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